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Design Interventions

Perspectives Shaped Through and By Design

The 2017 WYDF topic of "Design Interventions" was selected to provoke a dialogue examining the perhaps the truest nature of design. With a specific focus on how the forces of nationalism and globalism which dominate the contemporary world conflict, and how today's emerging designers are challenged to tap into new ways of viewing their processes, ideologies and the world at large. This was intended to prompt participants to explore how to innovatively and responsibly harness the power of design to proactively shape the future.


Practitioners/ Educators/ Industry Professionals


Design, by its nature, must approach the world with new insights and interpretations. The World Youth Designer Forum (WYDF) is conceived to help to do this. Appropriately, in its inauguration, the WYDF itself serves as an intervention, while it supports designers to review design and their individualistic design interventions.

WYDF Supporters and Partners

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