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Professor / Appr Designers / Journal Editor

Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh


Chris Speed is Chair of Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. He has a BA in Alternative Practice (Brighton Polytechnic, 1992), a Masters in Design (Goldsmiths 1999), and a PhD from Plymouth University (‘A Social Dimension to Digital Architectural Practice’, 2007).

His research focuses upon the Network Society, Digital Art and Technology, and the Internet of Things. Chris has sustained a critical enquiry into how network technology can engage with the fields of art, design and social experience through a variety of international digital art exhibitions, funded research projects, books, journals and conferences. He has led the team that developed the platform and has developed a series of Apps to make the case that linear time is no longer a tenable part of the Internet of Things.

Currently Chris is working on funded projects engaged with the flow of food across cities, an internet of cars, turning printers into clocks and a persistent argument that chickens are actually robots. He is a co-organiser and compére for the Edinburgh events and co-editor of the journal Ubiquity.

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