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Universal Design Education Charter

A ratified unanimous document, the purpose of the Universal Design Education Charter (UDEC) is to serve as a global, collective and aspirational framework and filter through which design education and curricula are measured, valued and contextualized.


The Universal Design Education Charter is a direct outcome from GloW-DESIGN's 2018 ReDesignEd Educators Forum in Singapore. In late October 2018 this group of design education and professional leadership, consisting of 36 individuals from 23 countries and six continents, teaching at 22 institutions, convened to discuss and address the responsibility of designers to face the rapidly changing world.

The Charter is comprised of seven articles addressing the areas of culture change, knowledge and skills (education), sustainability, technology, acknowledgement (certification) and responsibility. It affirms a common global aspiration of achievement for all designers.

"The Universal Design Education Charter recognizes that design education is the process by which a person is inducted as a designer and becomes a member of the global design community." - Preamble, Universal Design Education Charter