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2017 Educators Roundtable Discussion Forum

Exploring 21st Century Design Education for Societal Development, Growth & Support

GloWD Education, in conjunction with the World Youth Designer Forum (WYDF) and 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe launched the inaugural ReDesignEd Roundtable Forum on 25 August 2017. Hosted by the SC COLLECTIVE, in their historic Duddingston House office, this international and interdisciplinary roundtable conversation reviewed current issues impacting creativity and design education while exploring Design curricula as shared by the leadership educators from all world continents.

With intention to rethink Design education, questions asked included:


  • ​Why design education is important
  • Where design education is heading

  • Importance of formal qualifications

  • Importance of experiential learning

  • Education for entrepreneurial and business success

2017 FORUM - Founding Members

In the wake of rapid and vast global / national change and current world economic and power flux, the role of designer, creativity and design responsibility is challenged to be re-envisioned and re-structured. A new, aptly evolving and aligned modernism is required for the requisite integration of technology and critical influences essential for the improvement of life and living conditions. Incorporating various expanded domains of design (thinking/ systems/ architecture/ infrastructure/ technologies/ etc.), this unique program intends to collaboratively redefine and redesign education, while more fittingly delineate and suggest the role and obligations of the designer. 

Aligned with the GloWD vison to help reimagine and redefine relationships between design thinking, its process and content, while clarifying the role of Design and Craft and the imaginative and responsible means required to shape and push the ‘cutting edge’, ReDesignEd similarly aspires to rethink design education. With leading participant educators from top institutions from around the world, the goal of the ReDesignEd Educators Forum 2017 was to launch significant discourse on the current state and future implications of design education. 

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