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GEL-Lab Design Studio Overview 

The Global Experimental Live-Lab (GEL-Lab) Design Studio is uniquely structured and facilitated by GloWD to bridge the academy and practice, foster a culture of cooperation and fresh creativity to tackle problems large and small, with teams benefitting from international and expert input from around the world. Studio teams are comprised of multi-national, multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary teams of students and faculty from across the world.


These teams of students and supporting faculty members, from across time zones, collaborate on a unique project; remotely working together to conceptualize and develop creative outcomes in response to a universal design brief, while building personal portfolios, reflecting on experiences and being assessed for credit.

The GEL-Lab Design Studio provides a ground-zero for testing ideas and principles developed and proposed at the ReDesignEd Educators Forum; actively engaging students in future-forward curricula experimentation and development.

Participation is coordinated at the institutional level and, typically, by-invitation-only. However, GloWD will consider exceptions. Please contact us if your institution is interested in taking part. Credits are earned by students within the existing framework of their particular institution.

PebblePad is a portfolio and personal learning platform focused on cultivating learners with attributes for success in today's world.

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