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Original Live Reading of The Joburg Declaration - Dr. Gavin McCabe, University of Edinburgh
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Please note: Minor subsequent final revisions were made following feedback from this original reading and are reflected in ratified text below 
This Declaration was prepared and accepted at a meeting in Johannesburg of design educators from across the globe who took collective responsibility as designers to face the rapid changing world. We represent existing, evolving and emerging design disciplines.
We, the undersigned, confirm the continued significance of the Universal Design Education Charter 2018.

We recognize that the term "universal" in the title of this Charter is intended as a recognition that design is a fundamental and share field of knowledge, irrespective of a particular design discipline. The design and education process involves the participation and knowledge of other disciplines and sciences outside the field of design and design, in turn, will have an impact on them.

While this Charter sets forth general principles, we believe that these should be further expanded to address the following:


All design education should be diverse in its outlook and expectation, irrespective of the circumstances which make us different (these include learning style, expectations, experiences, time, relationship and authority, amongst others). Design education should be reflective of regional traditions while maintaining a global outlook in the endeavor for social and environmental justice.

Situational Awareness

The designer should value advocacy, empathy and courage to reflect on the relationship between self and context; self and others; self and experience; and self and time. In this manner they can use past experience to take action and embrace novelty.

The Design and the Educator

The attributes and expectations of the designer apply to the educator. Design education should strive to model and instill balanced working practices.


The ability to assess holistically should emphasize qualitative and quantitative processes.

All the above precedes subsequent outcomes.

22 November 2019 in South Africa, hosted by The Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Johannesburg


Primary Document


ReDesignEd Educators Forum  |  LASALLE College of the Arts  |  Singapore

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Addendum Forum Agreement Document


ReDesignEd Educators Forum  |  National Autonomous University of Mexico – UNAM

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