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A conceptual practice project with cooperation between SC COLLECTIVE practice, GloWD Think Tank and Edinburgh Festival Fringe where it was showcased in conjunction with panel discussion and masterclass

Hammers & Nails - Edinburgh

Hammers & Nails - Edinburgh

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Hammers & Nails (H&N) – We Break to Create was a participatory design installation. Maximizing human need and the ability of experience to highlight the delight of discovery, this project caused playful awareness, while inspiring spirited and easy engagement.

Exploring the theme of "Design Interventions", this event invited the public and participants to collectively make while breaking the world "DESIGN". Hammering nails on the one side, smashed the image of the word on the reverse side. Conceived as a metaphor, the shattering of the world "DESIGN" emphasized the need to break down certain design conventions and processes. This, of course, was the installation's intention, and its showcasing of the consequence of choices and actions.

Installation concept design sketches

The literal engagement demonstrated the metaphorical and resultant need to rebuild DESIGN after breaking apart/shattering its status quo. Given the rapid rise of popularity for Design, deepened questioning for more targeted, creative and successful outcomes is what GloWD sees as a global challenge for collaborative innovation.

GloWD provides the perfectly neutral, non-judgmental and encouragement platform for the notion of “Break to Create” for new thinking and understanding, as well as for design inspired problem solving and solution reframing. Indeed, for the rethinking of design creativity itself, and for its more appropriate alignment into our massively and rapidly changing future.

All rights reserved. No part of GloWD written, audio, or visual collateral may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, outside of its intended purpose without the prior written permission of GloWD.

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