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ReDesignEd Educators Forum


20-23 November 2019

Johannesburg, South Africa

Design education and professional leadership from around the world convened for a global conversation and opportunity to collaborate in an environment that is open-minded and non-affiliated.


Together the group continued to explore and actively shape how design education can be creatively rethought, supported and enhanced to move the field of design forward to begin to reposition the design discipline to be more relevant to the 21st century.

2019 Host and Event Partner

University of Johannesburg

Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture

2019 Johannesburg Forum

2019 Johannesburg Forum

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What We Don't (or Can't) Teach -- Bridging the Knowledge Gap


With a back-to-basics approach to understanding the foundational building blocks of a designer's essential knowledge, What We Don't (or Can't) Teach addresses the need for a comprehensive learning grounded in the qualitative realms of attitudes, mindsets and behaviors. While conceptual form-making finds its origins in this same core, the designer's ability to shape empathetic experience and garner desired outcomes remains elusive in teaching and practice.

The ReDesignEd Forum, an educator-focused component part, exists to systematically re-examine the outputs of design education, giving shape to the most appropriate and progressive pedagogy for today and into the future – an education which deeply understands and optimizes human potential. The ReDesignEd Educators Forum 2019 explored the underpinnings of the manifold pedagogic requirements that need to be layered in with the customary quantitative factors, thereby seamlessly integrating conceptual, functional and crucial skills development.

A GloWD platform, the ReDesignEd Educators Forum intends to rethink all aspects and applications of design learning, knowledge and practice. This we do to address contemporary challenges and to help shape resultant impact for human betterment and improved civic society.

Personal Qualities Not Taught or Measured by Tests​

  • Curiosity

  • Question asking

  • Leadership

  • Civic-mindedness

  • Endurance

  • Reliability

  • Courage

  • Resilience

  • Humor

  • Critical thinking

  • Good judgment

  • Creativity

  • Resourcefulness
  • Self-awareness

  • Self-discipline

  • Self-assessment

  • Humility

  • Empathy

  • Compassion

  • Sense of beauty

  • Sense of wonder

  • Sense of responsibility

  • Spontaneity

  • Enthusiasm

  • Motivation

  • Persistence

  • Communication skills 

Continued Development of the Universal Design Education Charter Results in The 2019 Johannesburg Declaration

Our 2018 Forum in Singapore produced the Universal Design Education Charter (UDEC) as a direct, collaborative outcome from that event. This unanimously ratified "living" document delineates a framework for the future of design education and is the basis for current ongoing research by teams of members from our global network.


At the 2019 Forum in Johannesburg, spirited discussion and debate of "What We Don't (or Can't) Teach", by participants from around the globe, resulted in further expansion of the Charter's principles through The 2019 Johannesburg Declaration. This unanimously-adopted document addresses the equally vital development of appropriate attitudes and behaviors essential for design professionals to thrive.

Future Forums will continue to review, research and add to the UDEC through similar documents, that will explore progressive applications and academic research.


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