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World Youth Designer Forum (WYDF)

The World Youth Designer Forum (WYDF) platform is collaboratively and globally administered to cultivate, shape and recognize new and emerging design talent, methods and means.

Dedicated to the holistic development of young designers and design professionals, the WYDF is focused on providing unique opportunities and contexts for future-forward experiences, exposure and thinking, leading to new and unexpected outcomes.

The purpose of the WYDF is to:

  • Offer emerging designers the freedom, time and space to thoughtfully consider and, where necessary, challenge the preconceived ideas, expectations and boundaries they carry

  • Make young designers aware of the greater potential and impact of their work and actions

  • Point them toward new intentional and active pathways for pursuing transformation and growth, leading to not only viability in this rapidly change world, but thriving

It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.

Leonardo da Vinci

WYD Overview

World Youth Designer (WYD)

The World Youth Designer (WYD) is an annual designation that exists at both the regional and global level. Determined through competitive process, this award emerging design talent, spanning all disciplines, recognizes high-level aptitude and achievement shown through demonstrable outcomes.

The WYDF and WYD currently have been launched and are being run in Asia Pacific region with partner, Guangzhou Design Week (GZDW) across 66 cities as of 2019. with plans to expand to additional regions


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