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The future is now


Enabling transformational change, GloWD advances progressive education for equitable life quality & wellbeing


GloWD systematically questions, envisions, develops and realizes the best creative outcomes through awareness and education for the empowerment of current and next generations.


We reexamine foundational theories and reimagine design's education, practice and processes. We refresh skills and engagements to challenge and support current outcomes for today.

GloWD bridges the gap from ideas to reality, from the academy to the practice


GloWD is designed to ask questions and to provoke new ideas. Our culture is to identify applicable creativity to respond to our world needs today. 


Our work is done through a lens focused on active problem solving through communication and collaboration.

core values

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Design can revolutionize the world.

Globally We Design


GloWD (Globally We Design) is a creative force for higher good and for changing people, places and the world. We collaboratively redefine all aspects of design: education, academia-practice integration, process and application to affect progressive results for improved life for all.

Integrating advanced and common-place technologies to shape new applications and outcomes, we address global economics, life quality and communications for the sustaining of humans and our planet by design.

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