With transformational change a characteristic of the beginning of this century, Globally We Design (GloWD) exists to address all aspects of design for a rapidly evolving reality.

Our mission is to systematically question, envision, develop and realize the best outcomes for the empowerment of next generations. We do this by clarifying and shaping the design discipline, so it is better equipped to respond to future challenges. We do this because designers carry a unique responsibility, which comes from the power to forge reality and change minds. Bringing designers and the related design community together in conversation and experimentation, with a diversity of experts, GloWD identifies, develops and addresses today's challenges facing humanity and our planet.

Coming together with global collaboration and imaginative ingenuity, we build solutions and results which better facilitate change, transitioning into a dynamically improved and better future.

GloWD fills the gap between conceptual thinking and practice, between academy and the vernacular.

As a multi-platform initiative, GloWD facilitates leading-edge conversations and connections across all design disciplines. We do this to expand design's references, definitions and inspirations, and to encourage designers to look deeper and further – outside the perceived limits of prescribed design professions. We do this to take stock, maintain and advance everything relevant, while replacing and transforming old thinking, ways and means.

Through the different platforms, GloWD addresses the many aspects of rethinking design. This includes reexamining foundational theories, reimagining design education/practice, and reinventing skills and engagements to challenge and support emerging designers. Working from research, theory to application, GloWD offers vehicles which deliver think-tanks, fora, workshops, co-design and idea actualization to shape our desired world. We do this by challenging traditional notions of design's function, developing new knowledge and models of collaborative and compassionate practice. A practice which embodies universal values that better serve society and culture for the benefit of all.


Core Values

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Design can revolutionize the world.

Globally We Design


GloWD (Globally We Design) is a creative force for higher good and for changing people, places and the world. We collaboratively redefine all aspects of design: education, academia-practice integration, process and application to affect progressive results for improved life for all.

Integrating advanced technologies to shape new applications and outcomes, we address global economics, life quality and communications for the sustaining of humans and our planet by design.