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Educators Forum

2018 ReDesignEd Educators Forum

Exploring 21st Century Design Education for Societal Development, Growth & Support

Select leaders of design education and professions convened and collaborated with like-minded thinkers from around the world to challenge the status quo of design education. It enabled visionary peers to connect, create and coalesce around a universal and progressive set of principles to form the basis for a truly global curriculum.


A global conversation and opportunity to collaborate in an open-minded and non-affiliated environment, to explore and actively shape how design education can be creatively rethought, supported and enhanced to move the field of design forward and to begin to reposition the design discipline to be more relevant to the 21st century.





36 invited design education + professional leaders from 23 countries, 6 continents, teaching at 22 institutions



2018 Singapore Forum

2018 Singapore Forum

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The future is here.


In the wake of rapid and vast global / national change and upheavals in current world economies and power flux, the role of designer, creativity and design responsibility is constantly challenged to be re-envisioned and restructured.


A new, ever-evolving and aligned modernism is required for the requisite integration of technology and critical influences essential for the improvement of life and living conditions.


The world is changing. Professions are changing or disappearing altogether. Therefore, design
education and its processes must adapt, identifying and anticipating forthcoming challenges now in order to proactively equip and empower the next generation of designers to successfully navigate, lead and impact future society and culture for the benefit of all.


By incorporating various expanded domains of design (thinking/ systems/ architecture/ infrastructure/ technologies etc.), this unique program identifies and coalesces a network of select visionary solution-seekers in design education.


Through collaborative discussion, debate, research and consensus building, this ambitious group stands at the forefront of redefining and redesigning education, while more fittingly delineating and suggesting the role and obligations of the designer.



This program explored collaboratively, for individual tangible and applicable outcomes, pedagogic research for progressive future curricula. The Forum is designed to reimagine and realize optimal development, growth, support and cultivation of design education for future society and culture.

A global network of design leaders (educators and practitioners) to formalize thinking on how to reframe and construct education for the profession for imminent next generations of designers.

The development of a consensus world design education charter.

Groundwork laid of a cutting-edge, high-level academic research publication (book or white paper) comprised of content developed by pairs of ReDesignEd Forum participants, teamed together to take up a particularly relevant area of research.