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ReDesignEd Educators Forum


27-29 April 2023

Mexico City, Mexico

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2023 Host and Event Partners

National Autonomous University of Mexico – UNAM

Faculty of Architecture & Industrial Design Research Center

Ministry of Culture – CDMX

2023 Media Partners


The ReDesignEd Educators Forum is an unaffiliated and independent GloWD annual design futures think tank meeting. By invitation, it gathers a select and diverse group of global design thinkers and leaders. Facilitated through provocative positions, this highly-structured, collaborative and hands-on event requires an active and engaged individual participation where each voice is vital. Through a series of rotating working sessions, visionary colleagues and peers from around the world, with unique perspectives, contribute meaningful and universally impactful outcomes.

It is a unique opportunity for participants to collaborate, network and grow – challenging and being challenged by exceptional colleagues from around the world to advance and contribute to design teaching, learning and application.


Progress & the Future


Exploring creative connections at the frontiers of design and its thinking, GloWD’s 2023 ReDesignEd Forum met in a global gathering at the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Central University City Campus of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), in vibrant Mexico City. With a culture of nurture and curiosity, we sought to reignite passion for creative learning and teaching. Convening a select group of 50 prominent design thinkers from 17 countries across the globe, we came together to assess and advance DESIGN RETHINKING AT THE LEADING EDGE: Progress and the Future.

In this first post-pandemic in-person gathering, we explored implications of a global disruption that has radically shifted societal behaviors, processes, and expectations. We investigated new perspectives and design literacy components that are transformative, probing knowledge and methods essential for retention and advancement. In series of intense Rapid Response sessions over the course of two days, eight key provocation topics were explored:

  1. KNOWLEDGE: Critical Contexts for Understanding

  2. CREATIVITY: Imagination and Critical Thinking

  3. SUSTAINABILITY: Skills, Processes and Technology

  4. SUSTAINABILITY: Planet Health, Resources and Resilience

  5. GLOBAL CONTEXT: Diverse Experience

  6. RESPONSIBILITY: Ethics and Social Accountability

  7. IMACT: Personal, Local, National, Global

  8. FUTURE: Teaching and Learning

An opportunity to uniquely collaborate, network and grow. Participants challenge and are challenged by exceptional colleagues from around the world to advance and contribute to design teaching, learning and application.

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GloWD ReDesignEd Educators Forum

An annual program of GloWD, the ReDesignEd Educators Forum is a global design summit event. The Forum is the brain trust and think tank meeting that connects people to explore the state of design education in higher-ed. It is a necessary refreshment for appropriate curriculum, content and teaching methodologies.

GloWD Ethos

GloWD challenges the status quo of all things design. Through globally collaborative input, it provokes leading­-edge exploration. GloWD precipitates transformed mindsets and skillsets, as well as pedagogies and practices. This is done with the objective to responsibly deliver fresh and timely solutions to global issues through and by design.


Forum Outcome

At the conclusion of each Forum, a global design educators agreement is crafted, capturing and distilling the Forum's essential and noteworthy ideas, wisdom and stance. This is dedicated to the host location. At the Forum's end, in a ceremonial agreement reading, participants and the GloWD team celebrate the collaborative efforts of the event, the host institution and city. Each agreement lives in perpetuity.


Every fifth year, the global design educators agreements from the previous four years are reviewed, with vital knowledge extracted for its succinct amalgamation in the GloWD Universal Design Education Charter (GloWD UDEC). This globally relevant "living" document tracks new or revised knowledge reflective of changing developments and societal needs. It proposes important curricular adjustments for implementations needed to keep design education current and applicable.

GloWD Mexico City Manifesto - 29Apr2023.jpg

GloWD is proud to share this year's agreement, the GloWD Mexico City Manifesto. Once again a unanimously adopted outcome document, it was contributed to and signed by the 55 design educators and practitioners from 20 countries on five continents who participated in the GloWD 2023 ReDesignEd Forum. Reflecting current perspectives of our time, the outlined commitments and requisites set forth in this public declaration are intended to involve all in the design community, as well as beyond, encompassing our wider communities and societies.


As the Manifesto states: 

We encourage all to leverage this document, its commitments, and its demands.

We urge you to share, act, and change.

Previous Outcomes

Universal Design Education Charter (UDEC)


The 2019 Johannesburg Declaration

2019 Joburg Declaration_22Nov2019.jpg


All rights reserved. No part of GloWD written, audio, or visual collateral may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, outside of its intended purpose without the prior written permission of GloWD.

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