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CoDesign - From Concept to Reality

GloWD Designers and Advisors

The arm of GloWD where theory and practice meet in a design consultancy, the CoDesign platform, in consort with members of our network and the SC COLLECTIVE practice, works with Fortune 500 companies and corporations, as well as institutional, educational and private clients, offering a diversity of design services and smart business solutions.


As with all things GloWD, our expert creatives and design teams work efficiently and collaboratively to accomplish high-level, tailored, creative and people-/ planet-/ resource-sensitive solutions for optimal and long-lasting success. 

CoDesign is where it all comes together, where we close the loop. It acts as a practical "laboratory" for applying GloWD's vision and values in tandem with the ideas, propositions and proposals generated by its other platforms. Putting them into practice for real-world clients, projects and outcomes, we give them wings to fly. 

This platform also forges links to industry and manufacturing, open doors for sponsorship and other mutually beneficial partnerships and extend the meaning and reach of the Globally We Design brand.

All rights reserved. No part of GloWD written, audio, or visual collateral may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, outside of its intended purpose without the prior written permission of GloWD.

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