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GloWD is a global network of individuals and institutions for forward-looking design and research

Offering equal opportunity for regional development with global awareness and impact

what we do for you

GloWD offers a progressive global network for design research and application accessible to institutions and leaders


Addressing topical challenges facing humanity and our planet for actionable solutions

Clarifying and updating knowledge required for advanced integration and progressive design 

Rethinking design fundamentals germane to all its disciplines and outputs

Realigning a cross-section of interdisciplinary roles, cultures and processes

Bringing together global diversity for forward-looking institutions and individuals

Fostering new creativity for a positive human-centered future 

our unique value proposition

GloWD is positioned to support new methodologies for progressive design and its education

Rethinking all design and creativity at a global scale

GloWD breaks down conventional silos and works to bridge divides between design disciplines, cultures and their knowledge 

Multi-disciplinary / Multi-institutional / Multi-national / Multi-cultural

Our broad global community cross-section, whether physically or virtually engaged, operates to understand topical world matters

An independent platform 

GloWD programs and events serve as a neutral environment for candid and exploratory conversations with no pre-determined expectations

Facilitates testing new ideas to advance and share research/presentations for peer-to-peer feedback/review 

For both educators and students (peer-juried, peer-reviewed research)

At cutting-edge of creativity 

The future is now, transformation is happening today requiring immediate innovation

Join us and be a part of shaping the future today

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