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2022 Global Experimental Live-Lab
Design Studio


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about the gel-lab design studio

The Global Experimental Live-Lab (GEL-Lab) Design Studio is uniquely structured and facilitated by GloWD to bridge the academy and practice. GEL-Lab Design Studio teams are comprised of multi-national, multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary (and therefore multicultural) groups of students and faculty spanning the globe. Fostering a culture of cooperation and fresh creativity to tackle problems large and small, student participants benefit from expert leadership and instructor input from around the world.


The GEL-Lab Design Studio provides a ground-zero for testing ideas and developing new principles by actively engaging students in future-forward curricula experimentation, communication methods, and progressive delivery of ideas. Students and faculty work across world time zones to address global challenges, expanding disciplinary parameters and ensuring applicability local contexts. Using creativity, design thinking and the foundational design knowledge common to all its disciplines, GEL-Lab Design Studio teams leverage their unique design creativity (as a group and as individuals) to conceptualize and develop creative outcomes in response to a universal design brief. Students benefit from expanded exposure, learning and global awareness and participating faculty have the opportunity to rethink existing teaching methodologies, build new connections and fresh perspectives.

2022 gel-lab design studio

As a diverse and experimental, 5-week digital design studio, the GEL-Lab Design Studio operates at the highest level of creative, common-sense and design thinking. Working in teams, participants are challenged to use imagination and cooperation. Each team is asked to provide comprehensive design proposals in response to their team’s interpretation of the GloWD 2022 Overarching Design Brief, while navigating a range of design disciplines, spaces, and experience levels in their group. Each student is asked to engage in a structured reflection process and to self-assess their learning, development and contribution.

The 2022 GEL-Lab Design Studio is composed of 40 transdisciplinary teams of 11 people (10 multidisciplinary students + 1 faculty), which have the opportunity to connect, network and learn from each other at a global level. Itself a group of multidisciplinary and expert design leaders, the GloWD team ensures creative cooperation and opportunities for online meetings and easy team communications both within each team, as well as across the entire 2022 GEL-Lab Design Studio network and community. The full 2022 GEL-Lab Design Studio community consists of 40 international faculty, 400 design students and 6 core GloWD team leaders. Participation represents the broadest range of design disciplines and designers (of all levels of experience) spanning all world continents.

about glowd

Globally We Design (GloWD) is a design futures activator and think-tank. As such, GloWD exists to rethink and realign design knowledge, methods and making for fresh applicable creative results. Desired outcomes improve wellbeing and deliver social, cultural and business prosperity through and by design. By building global networks and communities for creatives which advance knowledge and transformation, GloWD fosters and supports integration of the latest design know-how (and its related process and technological changes) in design education, practice and design consumption at large.


GloWD is grounded in the power of collaboration and is committed to cultivating and advancing a broad-based, transdisciplinary, and global design expertise. By creating and facilitating a range of high-level, leading-edge programs, GloWD focuses on design research and knowledge transfer to provide successful applied outcomes for a better world.

Proprietary Information and Confidentiality

As a condition of your participation in the GloWD Global Experimental Live Lab (GEL-Lab) Studio (GloWD GEL-Lab Design Studio), you hold all of GloWD's confidential and proprietary information in confidence and will not disclose, use, copy, publish, summarize, or remove from the website any proprietary or confidential information without prior written consent from GloWD. "Confidential" and "Proprietary" Information in this context have the same meaning and include, but are not limited to, data, information, materials, methods, processes, trade secrets, privileged records, and any information related to GloWD or the GloWD GEL-Lab Design Studio which is either information not known by actual or potential competitors of GloWD or is proprietary information of GloWD. Proprietary information also includes all information received in confidence by participants, collaborators, suppliers, or other third parties including, but not limited to written documents (digital or hard copy), audio and video files, and any resulting transcriptions, captions, screenshots, or other collateral.

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