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We live on the precipice of a modern renaissance

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GloW-DESIGN is a global thought-leadership platform generating and disseminating new design thinking, practice and processes to tackle evermore pressing and contemporary problems facing humanity at large


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Design is uniquely positioned to address the major global challenges facing the world today

GloW-DESIGN recognizes nothing starts without education, therefore our springboard initiatives focus on the transformation of how design is learned and what should be taught

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2019 RDEd Forum-Webpage Graphic - 14Aug2
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Our third annual ReDesignEd Educators Forum was hosted by the University of Johannesburg's Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture in South Africa. Our select global network of design education and professional leadership, along with local emerging educators and professionals, explored the provocation "What We Don't (or Can't) Teach - Bridging the Knowledge Gap", while reviewing ongoing research, adding to the Universal Design Education Charter (UDEC) and developing new applications and research. Learn more >> 


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2019 Forum Outcome in South Africa Builds and Expands on Universal Design Education Charter (UDEC) 

The 2019 Johannesburg Declaration was the direct outcome of GloW-DESIGN's 2019 Educators Forum. It is an addendum and supplemental document to be used in concert with the Universal Design Education Charter (UDEC), Singapore 2018. This Declaration speaks to the areas of diversity, situational awareness, expectational relationship of the designer and the educator, as well as, evaluation and assessment.

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2019 Johannesburg ReDesignEd Educators Forum

Universal Design Education Charter (UDEC) 


ReDesignEd Educators Forum


20-23 November 2019

Johannesburg, South Africa

WorkEd, a new GloW-DESIGN initiative, aims to meet the needs and aspirations of both the student and the employer by bridging the disconnect between student and effective professional. This program will develop a restructured curriculum seeking to uniquely integrate and proportion classroom time with paid, on-the-job workplace training.

WorkEd provides students with the opportunity to apply, test and develop the conceptual knowledge they learn in the academic setting with simultaneous application in the real-life studio of a workplace environment. While earning income to support their education, they will acquire the invaluable professional skills and practicalities that only come through application and 'hands-on' experience. Alternately, employers benefit from the infusion of fresh talent into their organizations, with recent graduates more quickly meeting the expectations and standards required of professional practice.

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