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A global Student Masterclass +

Co-Designing Workshop

Exploring the potential and challenges of cross-global student teams collaborating remotely via digital platforms to design innovative projects from concept to reality

2018 Global Student Masterclass +

Co-Designing Workshop 

A World Youth Designer Forum - Designing Collaboratively Across the World

In our rapidly shrinking world accelerated by instant 24/7 access to mass global communications, there is an ever-increasing need for cross-global, cross-cultural, teams to work together effectively regardless of their individual time-zone, physical location or local context.

Design teams in particular need to pioneer new ways of working together to make the kind of contribution to society that arguably only designers can.

By aligning to a design philosophy that promotes beauty, justice and truth, designed solutions to any issue, problem, opportunity or new idea will automatically produce environments and products that are sensitive to our planet's long-term sustainability and improve the quality of life for all of earth's inhabitants, while simultaneously celebrating, promoting and advancing cultural diversity in a just and peaceful society.


A global design collaboration between teams of students and faculty from four international institutions from select regions of the world. This project will be co-designed - taking shape conceptually and developmentally via PebblePad, a share digital-platform, in the months leading up to the realization of final fabricated projects in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

These international teams will all explore GloW-DESIGN's 2018 topic of DESIGN & CRAFT: Rethinking the craft of Design and the design of Craft.

A presentation of the processes and realized outcomes of this initiative will follow at GloW-DESIGN's 2018 ReDesignEd Educators Forum in Singapore the 24 - 26 October.


Four international teams comprised of one faculty member four students - one from each participating institution.

Participating institutions:




(United States)

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