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CoDesign - From Concept to Reality

Exploring the Craft of Design and the Design of Craft

The digital world has had a surprising effect on the world of making by hand. Far from knocking the bottom out of craft practice, the internet's ability to support international communities and the massive reduction in the cost of computer-driven manufacturing have enabled the creation of a new global Maker movement. Even digitally driven craft depends on direct personal connection to materials and process, and consequently influences the theory and practice of design itself - which in turn demands a complete re-assessment of the relationship, knowledge and distinction between design and craft.

Legacy practice, local heritage, national identities and skills revival all are explored under the GloW-DESIGN Design Craft umbrella. Most importantly, since the greatest design literacy can be imparted through the compare and contrast process, CoDesign allows for a simultaneous and related review of pairs of issues/ideas exploration for the greatest and fasted learning and understanding.

CoDesigned - DESIGN & CRAFT

Experimentation / Installation / Prototyping

This expansion and  last module is where it all comes together, where we close the loop. This is not fine-tuned craft making; it is a laboratory, an experimental workshop, where ideas, projects, propositions and proposals generated in the Next-GenNarrative Think-Tank and other sections of GloW-DESIGN are prototyped, built, tried, tested, examined, interrogated and given wings to fly. 

Installations and experiments created in this program forge links to industry and manufacturing, open doors for sponsorship and other mutually beneficial partnerships and extend the meaning and reach of the GloW-DESIGN brand.

Hammers & Nails - A Participatory Design Installation

We promote established and emerging design disciplines, including service design, responsible design, ethical design, co-design, open source design, behavioral design, and - crucially - profitable design.


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