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Glow-design overview

In our transforming world, the Design industry is rapidly evolving. GloW-DESIGN (Globally We Design) exists to address all aspects of design. Our mission is to systematically question, envision, develop and realize the best outcomes for the empowerment of next generations. We do this to clarify and shape the design discipline into the future.
​GloW-DESIGN is a global thought leadership platform generating and disseminating new design thinking, practice and process to tackle the ever more pressing and contemporary problems facing humanity at large.

Through international collaboration with powerful visionary thought leaders in design and the creative industries, GloW-DESIGN exists to challenge traditional notions of design's function, help develop new knowledge and propose new models of collaborative and compassionate practice that serve society and culture for the benefit of all.
Launched as a five-pronged initiative in 2017, GloW-DESIGN has its roots in programs initially piloted in 2011. Structurally driven and led by a visionary Think Tank, it focuses on education (ReDesignEd), global collaboration for individual and tangible outcomes (CoDesign - From Concept to Reality), emerging designers (World Youth Designer Forum) and the design and craft marketplace (GloW-DESIGN Expo).
All GloW-DESIGN's programs combine theory and practice, and manifest in the following forms:
  • Symposia / conferences and seminars
  • Workshops, panel discussions and debates
  • Masterclasses
  • Craft / Design Expo
  • Built installations and projects
Its core values includes:
  • Design has the power to progress and revolutionize the world
  • Design is for social good
  • Everything is designed, therefore design can, and must, improve and enhance every aspect of modern life
  • 'Right global design' depends on creativity, compassion, education, innovation, inspiration and collaboration
  • 'Right global design' must serve community, sustainability, craft, industry and the environment
  • Promotion of established and emerging design disciplines, including service design, responsible design, ethical design, co-design, open-source design, behavioral design and - crucially - profitable design
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