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Entrepreneurial Artist

Inter Nos Co.


Mr. Vernizzi was educated in the UK and USA, earning a Bachelor of Applied Science in Industrial Psychology from La Jolla University and graduating from Birthing Of Giants Master Executive Program in Business Administration and Management at MIT. 

He lived and worked in California, North Carolina, New York, Boston, London, Bologna and traveled the world to come in contact with a wide variety of cultures and contemporary art influences as to develop his own conceptual language to redefine environmental “beauty”. Since 2015 he lives and works between Bologna (Italy) and Bangkok (Thailand).
As entrepreneur Mr. Vernizzi is a lifelong enthusiast for developing a radical holistic approach in R&D and marketing as to develop innovative spatial color technology for the built environment by bridging art with design. His Fractalis and Bodhi registered product design brands, IP and applied research projects are directed under his new Inter Nos Co., Ltd brain enterprise, and manufactured and marketed internationally through a network of Licensees.
As an artist Mr. Vernizzi started painting undercover (from his family) as pre-teen. In 2012 he established his state-of-the-art laboratory-atelier Createlab orchestrating chemical engineers and surface material scientists to develop dedicated medium and nano technology for his art productions focused on temporary transitions and reflective deconstructions in absence of self and time.

In January 2018 Mr. Vernizzi curated for the Embassy of Italy in Bangkok the Italian Pavilion’s installation “a▪maze▪ing” in occasion of the Bangkok Design Week. His solo art exhibition “Eggclectics” at DUKE Contemporary Art Space in Bangkok (10 August - 3 October 2018) opened on August 9 with a verniZZage capturing ovoid elements of human mnemonic experience that were subject to expiry virtually immediately after they had been visually registered.

His projects and works have been published in such periodicals as Wallpaper, REvolution, and Fine Art Magazine.

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