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GloWD Core Team Member / Education Chairman

Professor Emeritus of Design

The Edinburgh University


A full-time educator since 1980, Ian Pirie's key work in the sector has included designing and leading the development of innovative programmes of study in and across Art, Design, Architecture, Business, Computing and Engineering. He is internationally known in his roles as an examiner, quality assurance reviewer and advisor, with work being undertaken over many years in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia, United Arab Emirates and Scandinavia in addition to his extensive work and involvement with numerous UK and European institutions.

For a considerable period of time his research has explored the use of current and emerging digital technologies in both design practice and in supporting specific pedagogical approaches in education. Over several decades now he has led and worked on numerous online developments in support of student learning and specifically in the areas of: assessment and feedback at the Robert Gordon University in eLearning where he was Dean of Faculty with responsibility for Art, Architecture, Design, Computing Science and Engineering; 'Insight Out Learning' for the teaching of entrepreneurship with Glasgow School of Art; chairing the development team of the national portal for the Crafts for the Scottish Arts Council; the innovative developments in assessment, feedback and employability at Edinburgh College of Art where he was Assistant Principal for Learning and Teaching; and more recently the development of online tools to support personal tutoring, academic guidance, student support and course selection at the University of Edinburgh.

In 2015 Pirie pioneered and led the development of the ‘SLICCs’ (self-designed learning experiences) that enable students at the University of Edinburgh to design and assess aspects of their own learning to achieve credit.

Pirie was Assistant Principal for Learning and Development at the University of Edinburgh from 2011-15 and is now Emeritus Professor of Design and a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy UK.

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