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During the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are working to to turn uncertainty into progress. Positioned to push at the frontier of foundational creativity for all design and its applications, GloWD is taking this opportunity to refresh our initiatives and to remain a step ahead of this transformational change.


Planning and implementation for our GEL-L Studio, currently set to run September 2020 (see below), is underway. The Charter-driven publication, rethinking all foundational education, continues to evolve. 


The next ReDesignEd Educators Forum is currently scheduled for March 2021, hosted by CENTRO in Mexico City, but we are keeping an eye on on-going COVID activity and will finalize all details later in the year.

The WYDF and WYD are currently in discussion.

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A collaborative, live-time, cross-continent student project conducted via share shared digital platform



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ReDesignEd Educators Forum 2019

20-23 November 2019

Johannesburg, South Africa

Our third annual ReDesignEd Educators Forum was hosted by the University of Johannesburg's Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture in South Africa. Our select global network of design education and professional leadership, along with local emerging educators and professionals, explored the provocation "What We Don't (or Can't) Teach - Bridging the Knowledge Gap", while reviewing ongoing research, adding to the Universal Design Education Charter (UDEC) and developing new applications and research. Learn more >> 

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2019 Forum Outcome in South Africa Builds and Expands on Universal Design Education Charter (UDEC) 

The 2019 Johannesburg Declaration was the direct outcome of GloWD's 2019 Educators Forum. It is an addendum and supplemental document to be used in concert with the Universal Design Education Charter (UDEC), Singapore 2018. This Declaration speaks to the areas of diversity, situational awareness, expectational relationship of the designer and the educator, as well as, evaluation and assessment.  More >> 

2019 Johannesburg ReDesignEd Educators Forum