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Rethinking Design Education

Nothing in design - as everywhere else in life - starts without education.

Our network of distinguished design educators, drawn from an egalitarian cross-section of forward-thinking institutions, from around the world, convenes to debate and define new educational parameters for change of existing, along with the new and necessary, design learning to fill 21st century demands.

The task, at a minimum, is to build a broad-based future-proofed body of integrated social, economic and technological knowledge. To analyze the creative routes for both intellectual and skills mastery, as well as sensory and experiential attributes, of design awareness and education, and to map out processes and paths for specialization, diversity and interdisciplinarity to succeed together in innovative practice.

'Right global design' depends on creativity, compassion, education, innovation, inspiration and collaboration.



A New Universal Curriculum Outcome + Creation of a Collaborative Effort and Network of Visionary Design Educators and Professionals Built Upon the Foundation of a Global Design Education Charter



Rethinking and updating Design Education is paramount for meaningful, timely, vital and responsive solutions to topical and pressing world challenges. ReDesignEd presents an ongoing focus on education, its development and refinement as led by the developments and factors affecting world and societal change.

This platform provides the opportunity to harness the power of design at this given point in time, capitalizing on social, economic, political and educational shifts globally to create a new distinctiveness for design and design education through the identification of a new universal curriculum. It also begins the formation and collaboration of a broad but deep spectrum of global design educators and practitioners who understand the need to innovatively redefine design education for the 21st century.


It exists to identify, explore, redefine and codify a new vision for the education of future generations of designers and for the benefit of society as a whole.


In today’s technologically fast-paced, ever-evolving environment and generationally-extended and diversified workforce, people possess and experience an unparalleled awareness of and access to knowledge, tools and resources – making everyone potentially a ‘designer’. What therefore is the role of future design professionals and how should they be educated and trained?


With the increasing criticism of traditional models of higher education, and the emphasis, value and role of design within societies and economies exponentially on the rise, the opportunity abounds for the power of design to lead the way in responsibly and innovatively shaping our future world – whether through communication, the built environment, infrastructure, industry, commerce, culture, human-well-being and life-quality, or in education.


The ReDesignEd Programs are run annually and to address issues, challenges and gaps necessary to be addressed for a meaningful and wholesome Design education. 


See Universal Design Education Charter

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24 - 26 OCTOBER 2018  |  SINGAPORE

Preparing for change. Heralding new futures.

Convened design educators and professional leaders from around the world to identify forthcoming challenges to proactively equip and empower next generations of designers into the future

ReDesignEd Educators Forum

This forum enables select leaders of design education and professions to convene and collaborate, with like-minded thinkers from around the world and to challenge the status quo of design education. It enables visionary peers to connect, create and coalesce around a universal and progressive set of principles to form the basis for a truly global design curriculum.


Participating educators are provided a platform for peer-reviewed academic exchange, research and visibility. Given the open-minded neutrality of structure, attitude and environment, it is hoped that participating leadership faculty can return to their institutions with expansion and fresh thinking, thereby, to be positioned to advance progressive education while supporting the vitality and impact of their individual institutional perspective and establishment. Ultimately, it is hoped that Forum participants will have impact through the roll-out of internationally and well informed personalized strategic vision based on tactics that are tailored by individual institutions and their curricula. 


The ReDesignEd Educators Forum operates on a continuous loop of a two-part meeting, convened over a two-year period. Each even year (2018, 2020, etc.), the Educators Forum is hosted by a participating institution. This interim meeting is a developmental workshop which explores in depth, matters discussed during the biennial Forum Meeting. Each Forum meeting takes place at the seat of the Scottish Enlightenment and home of the world’s oldest and most open annual Festival for creative expression, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

ReDesignEd Student Workshop

A Student Workshop to practice and text the curricular components proposed in the Forum.


Starting with design development carried out individually but shared digitally, moving towards a full week of practical collaborative making to coincide with the ReDesignEd Forum and potentially CoDefined - Design & Craft and GloW-DESIGN EXPO.

ReDesignEd Masterclasses

These masterclasses will be run in partnership and collaboration with the World Youth Designer masterclasses.

ReDesignEd Symposia & Roundtable

These gatherings will include a cross-section of professional and educator populations and disciplines. This program is currently under development.

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