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platforms + Programs

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Next-GenNarrative (NGN)

Creative Leadership Think-Tank

Started: 2017

NGN (pronounced engine) distills the "big issues" to their essence to propose new design solutions. Asks how design must change to solve them.


Rethinking Design Education

Started: 2017

Identifies, explores, redefines and codifies a new vision for the education of future generations of designers and for the benefit of society as a whole.


Educators Forum (2017)

Global Experimental Live-Lab (GEL-Lab) Design Studio (2020)

WorkEd (under development)

Team Research Publications (2019)

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Started: 2015

Cultivates, shapes and recognizes new and emerging design talent, methods and means globally and collaboratively.

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From Concept to Reality

Consultancy where ideas, theories and propositions generated in GloWD platforms are applied to real-world clients and projects.

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GloWD Expo

Global Week of Design

To provide necessary intersection of design and commerce, showcasing progressive creative realities, possibilities and potential.

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