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GloWD Advisor

Senior Lecturer, Interior Architecture and Design

School of Architecture and Design

University of Lincoln


Raymund Konigk is a Senior Lecturer in Interior Architecture and Design in the College of Arts. He is a design studio master and teaches a number of technical, theoretical and post-graduate courses.

His master’s dissertation, entitled “Interior design as architecture’s ‘Other’”, investigated interior design as a discipline and defined it as a profession. He developed the professional framework and proposed four registration categories for interior design in South Africa.
His current research, expressed in his completed doctoral studies (2015), investigated the imaginal interior and the role of generating meaning in the interior artifact. His thesis is titled: “An Imaginal Interpretation of Interior Design’s Methods of Cultural Production: Towards a Strategy for Constructing Meaning”. The thesis specifically investigates interior design’s contributions to the cultural system by analyzing iconic representations of interior design artifacts.

He has contributed to a number of national and international organizations, including recent symposia for the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers in New York and plenary addresses for the China Productivity Centre in Taipei and the Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers in Kuala Lumpur. He represented the University of Pretoria when an honorary doctorate was conferred on Sir Terence Conran in Oxford.

His published works includes refereed articles, conference papers, technical reports and other scholarly based contributions. Konigk is the recipient of two professional awards and numerous academic prizes.

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