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World Youth Designer Forum (WYDF)

This multi-event per year program, is collaboratively and globally administered to cultivate, shape and recognize new and emerging talent, methods and means. 


Inspiring emerging designers for deeper (research-driven conceptualization), creative and interpretive design thinking, designers are made aware of the greater potential and impact of their work and actions.


WYDF simultaneously, cultivates a broader global awareness and builds on the latest development and trends which give rise to social and cultural behaviors, lifestyle and identity/brand building. The program utilizes, examines and forms the impact of technology and social knowledge and how it helps to transforms social culture. In the designer’s realm, this, of course, translates to the designer’s responsibility to provide meaningful vision and possibilities for solutions for an ever improved, connected and sustainable world. This program proposes to develop fresh and clear communication for global interaction, thereby reinforcing the importance of context and place, as well as respect and regard for the local, regional and the global.


Founded by Shashi Caan, a Founding Partner of the US and UK Architecture and Design firm, THE COLLECTIVE, and annually operated in alliance with the Guangzhou Design Week, the WYDF has been running since 2014 as an expanded WYDF and Masterclass from both Edinburgh and New York. It is most robustly run across many cities in China.


World Youth Designer Forum (WYDF) is convened in throughout the year, with its structure clearly observed around four annual and seasonal meetings, communities of designers work to contemplate, explore and implement ideas around the annual designated topic for across the world. It is the most fun and illuminating to compare the myriad ideas and results showcasing the extraordinary human capacity for creativity.


While still in its infancy, the WYDF has a growing network of an international design talent.

Everything is designed, therefore design can, and must, improve and enhance every aspect of modern life.


World Youth Designer (WYD)

An Annual Designation Selected Through Competitive Process

The World Youth Designer is an annual designation for the recognition of the talent demonstrated through built projects for those that apply to compete.

With an age requisite of between 28-48, individual applicants submit their portfolio showcasing their deemed most relevant projects with clear exhibit of their process, creative intention and tangible success. This competitive process is juried by renown design luminaries.

Annually celebrated and designated in an elegant and high-profile ceremonial event in the world Design Capitol of New York, the competition recognizes runner ups, regional winners and a single individual or team is designated the annual world winner for the year.


The WDF 2018 is under current planning. Please watch this space for updates to be posted soon!


The WDF Global Designer Recognition Competition is tailored to review and recognize unique talent as understood and with appeal to the next generation of design talent.

World Youth Designer Forums


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